Fraser Primary School’s Waste Wise Warriors educate their peers

Year 6 Waste Wise Warriors Educate Their Peers

Mim Thurkettle, Elsie Harding, Lucy Lawton, Molly Campbell, and Charlie Noble are Fraser Primary School’s Waste Wise Warriors. The Year 6 girls are the driving force behind the school’s mission to collect as many recyclable containers as possible, to keep them out of landfill and raise funds for their school garden through the ACT Container Deposit Scheme.

“We love doing this, we feel like we are doing our bit for the environment but also raising money for our school,” said Lucy. “It’s good to know we’re achieving something like this.

“I feel really happy to be involved because it means we’re not wasting all of this plastic, we use so much plastic in the world and we’re able to turn it into plants,” agreed Charlie. “Instead of putting all this plastic in the bin we’re helping it to be re-used for important things and not end up in places where it can hurt the environment.”

Want to be like the Waste Wise Warriors? See how to participate in the ACT CDS.

The ACT CDS is a partnership between the ACT Government, scheme coordinator Exchange for Change and network operator Return-It.