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The ACT CDS is a great way for businesses to reduce waste management costs, meet their sustainability goals, increase recycling, and get employees involved in raising funds for a good cause. Businesses play a key role in returning large volumes of drink containers through the ACT CDS, leading to better environmental and social outcomes for the community. 

Can my workplace participate?

Whether you work in an office, at a cafe, hotel, hospital or on a construction site, you can set up your own collections. Pick a visible spot to place a collections bin and let your colleagues know to drop their containers in there (include a photo of the bin if they are working from home for part of the week). Be sure to let them know where the funds raised will go. If you are ready to set up collections at your workplace, follow the steps below.

Recycling through the ACT CDS in three easy steps

Download our toolkit and set up your fundraising account to get your business recycling and fundraising through the ACT CDS.

Collect eligible drink containers from your business and drop off at a ACT CDS return point.

Collect your refunds – these can be donated to a good cause using your fundraising account, or can be put towards team social activites.

Business Toolkit 1.png

Fill out the online form below to download the business toolkit. This toolkit provides helpful information and material you can use to start fundraising.

The benefits for your business of recycling and fundraising with the ACT CDS

1. Employee engagement. Get everyone at your work involved in recycling their drink containers as a fun and rewarding team effort that you all feel proud of.

2. Demonstrate your business’ green credentials. Recycling through the ACT CDS highlights your commitment to the environment and help meet your business sustainability goals. Funds raised through the 10c refunds can be donated to local charities or other causes to help meet corporate social responsibility goals.

3. Reduce waste management costs. Sorting your eligible containers from the rest of your recycling helps reduce your collection costs.

Need some help moving those drink containers?

The ACT CDS network operator, Return-It, has a free trailer hire program for communities and businesses. The trailer is ideal if you need to return a lot of containers in one go.

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