You can raise funds by recycling through the ACT Container Deposit Scheme. Organise a centralised collections bin, a ‘collect-a-thon’ drive or fundraising event to rally your supporters. Collect their empty, eligible containers and then return them at a return point to raise 10c for each one recycled.

Ways to raise funds

Organise an event and return collected containers

You can raise funds by organising an event such as a collection drive or fundraiser and returning the containers to a return point. Businesses can also consider providing bins in the workplace for staff. You can then donate the funds raised to your charity, sporting group, school or business


Create an account and share your number

If you are a not-for-profit or community organisation such as a charity, sporting group or school, create an online account with Return-It. You will receive a ten-digit number which you can share with your community. They can choose to donate their container refunds to your cause.

Five easy steps to fundraise

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Visit Return-It to set up an online account.
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Step two

Fundraising toolkit

Download this fundraising toolkit for advice on how to start collections and promoting your cause, as well as ready-made marketing assets like posters and social media tiles.
Download toolkit
Step three

Spread the word

Start promoting you fundraising initiative. If you are an approved donation recipient, share your ten-digit number with your community. Get in touch with us if you would like help spreading the word.
Step four

and return

Start collecting and returning. Check out our handy tips.
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Step five

Time to celebrate

Celebrate your collection drive or fundraising effort. Get in touch with us and we will send you a Certificate of Appreciation.
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Fill out the online form below to download our fundraising toolkit. It has lost of helpful information and tools you can use to promote your ACT CDS fundraising activity.

Things to know

Consider the size of your event

This will determine how you collect and return the containers to a return point. For example, a few wheelie bins or a trailer might be suitable for a small event whereas hiring something more significant might be required for a larger event.

Free Return-It trailer hire program

Network operator Return-It provides free ACT CDS trailer hire for communities and businesses to collect containers during an event. Trailers are available at any cash-back depots and come with 240 bins and bulk bags. To find out more and make a booking, visit Trailer Program.

Get loud

Your supporters need to know about your fundraising drive in order to donate their containers and they need to be reminded regularly. Use the fundraising toolkit assets and your own channels of communications (including email, social media and face-to-face engagement) to let them know about your fundraiser and how they can help out.

Fundraising stories

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