Introducing the ACT CDS Recycling Hero Passport

The ACT CDS Recycling Hero Passport is an exciting new initiative that encourages children to become recycling superheroes while learning about setting goals and how to save, as well as the positive impact they can have on the environment.

On receiving their passport, kids are asked to write down what they are saving for – whether it’s a toy, an experience, or for charity – and how much that is in terms of bottles and cans they need to collect and return. Each time they open their passport, this reminder helps them stay focused to reach their goal.

Each passport allows for a target of 1,000 containers or $100 in container refunds broken down into 50 container milestones. For every 50 bottles and cans recycled, children earn a stamp in their passport.

Once they’ve reached their goal, the final stamp to collect is for taking a photo to recognise they’ve become a Recycling Hero. Each depot has a fun ACT CDS Instagram frame for them to use, with the kids encouraged to share their recycling success and new-found hero status with their family and friends.

Then, having completed their passport, each child is rewarded with an ACT CDS superhero badge. There are three to collect to acknowledge the child as an Enviro Warrior, Recycling Hero, and Savings Superstar. Complete three passports to earn all three badges!

The reverse of the passport features a fun diagram that shows what happens to your bottles and cans when you return them for recycling through the ACT CDS.

The ACT CDS Recycling Hero Passport also aims to educate children about the broader benefits of recycling through the ACT CDS with  a QR code linking to the ACT CDS Impact Calculator. By using this tool, children can learn about the significant environmental savings that result from recycling 1,000 containers – such as water, energy, and landfill saved and carbon emissions avoided. This information highlights the collective positive impact everyone’s participation in the scheme can have on our environment.

You can pick up your ACT CDS Recycling Hero Passport from any of our cash-back depots. Visit the return points page to find your nearest one. 

The ACT CDS is a partnership between the ACT Government, scheme coordinator Exchange for Change and network operator Return-It.